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Clear Quartz is an Amazing master stone with piezoelectric properties (transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy, and vice versa). It is a powerful crystal that helps to amplify the energies of other crystals. This stone is great for healing, amplifying our intentions, and has clearing and cleansing properties. Clear Quartz can be programmed by our focused intentions for manifesting our dreams into reality. It is a versatile crystal that works on all chakras and helps to keep a high vibration.

Element: Storm
Chakras: All
Affirmation: My positive intentions are magnified and I manifest only good into my life.

Wearing crystal bracelets is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration. Wearing gemstones directly on your skin allows the energy and vibrations to flow directly into your body. Choose the gemstones that hold the energies you want to work with and that will assist you on your journey.

There are so many ways you can interact with your crystals. Some favorites include: Breath work, saying affirmations, meditation Mala, Feng Shui, crystal grids, placing under your pillow, and placing directly over the Chakras during meditation and energy work. The bracelets also make great gifts for sending good vibes to those we love.

All jewelry will first be cleansed with the frequencies of  bowl filled with clear quartz crystals.

DISCLAIMER: Healing Gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care.

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