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Howlite is an amazingly calming stone, ever ready to slow down the heartbeat, cool calamitous tempers, and show you the way of wisdom. It’s gentle vibration connects and flows, raising your own awareness and granting you clear vision. Howlite is here to mop up bad vibes and keep you connected with higher realms and on the path to purpose.

For those who tend to be quick to anger and who rush in with a hot head, Howlite is like a long cool drink on a scorching day. It’s a stone that shows us that taking a moment to consider all angles before responding can often lead to better outcomes. This stone is an exceptional absorber of stress and tension, making it an amazing tool to have at hand during moments that can feel pressured. It invites you to approach the world with love and understanding and to communicate in a way that doesn’t pour fuel on a flickering flame. Even if you aren’t an angry person but often find yourself having to soothe a heated soul, Howlite gives you the strength to deal with anger in a way that is far from inflammatory while still ensuring your own boundaries and best interests are met.

Element: Air
Chakras: Crown and Third Eye

Affirmation: I continue to evolve and work on my personal growth, knowing I am worthy of unconditional love and acceptance.

Wearing crystal bracelets is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration. Wearing gemstones directly on your skin allows the energy and vibrations to flow directly into your body. Choose the gemstones that hold the energies you want to work with and that will assist you on your journey.

There are so many ways you can interact with your crystals. Some of my favorites include: Breath work, saying affirmations, Feng Shui, crystal grids, placing them under your pillow, and placing them directly over the Chakras during energy work. The bracelets also make great gifts for sending good vibes to those we love.

All jewelry will first be cleansed with the frequencies of bowl filled with clear quartz crystals.

DISCLAIMER: Healing Gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care.

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