Silver Studs “Find Your Self” with Blue Topaz


The earrings are made in the shape of a circle with a dot inside.  The central dot represents the Ego whereas the Self can be said to consist of the whole with the centered dot. The Self signifies the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person.

Circle also symbolizes self realization. Anyone who embarked on a personal growth journey eventually realizes that this journey doesn’t occur in a linear fashion. We learn the same lesson many times over, only experiencing deeper levels of truth and unlearning with each re-learning. In this way, self-realization looks not like a line, but like a circle.

The Blue Topaz is known as the stone of clarity. This vivacious blue gemstone meaning allows you to channel your inner wisdom and find the perfect pathways to successful opportunities. Anyone who wears this gemstone should embrace their authentic self, trust their power, and revel in good fortune.



All our jewelry is 925 silver, rhodium plated to extend the shine, and make the jewelry stronger. The stones are GEM Certified. High quality materials. All items come in a gift box.

The earrings are made with Blue Topaz (size 6*6 mm).

All our jewelry is made of recycled silver.


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