Choose Yourself

It is so easy to get lost in this fast paced world. Work, family, relatives, loved ones, friends, neighbors… Very frequently we try to please everyone forgetting about ourselves, about our wants and needs.

The society influences the way we think a lot. Our brain picks up and learns fast how to be useful for this society. Vert frequently we are required to perform at our best at work even when our energy level shows zero. If you have family and kids, you have to be a role model there as well. And here your brain says again “You must…..”.

The Bible says “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. But do we all know what it means to love ourselves? Very frequently we start with the “neighbors ” part and try to please everyone around. And then we expect those around us do the same to us. So we are actually longing for a pay back. A “complete” person never asks for anything. Because he/she is FULL. This is when love to neighbor begins.

Imagine yourself being a glass and water being your energy. Water evaporates like your energy and if you do not add more, you may find an empty glass one day. The same happens to us. This is when we feel depressed, wrecked and we start to insist on other people giving us. This is when you might be grumpy, or even have an episode of aggression. In the reality it is our soul says “I am empty. Please, flush me with energy”. And instead of asking someone to fill the empty glass, we can do it ourselves – even more effectively, because doing what we like is the best and fastest way to do so. Remember yourself doing things you are really evolved in and desire to do. A hurricane of energy comes your way and you feel like you can move mountains. Ideally, this should be your job. If not, sport, hobby, reading, self growth or any other activity that serves this mission.

It is so wise to give from a full source rather than to squeeze out the last pieces of you and your energy!

You can hear about how it is wrong to be selfish. But I insist on being selfish at least sometimes. It is so important to protect your borders and say “Now it is my time.” When no one is allowed to say “it is your responsibility to…”. When you can choose what is important for you.

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