Find Your True Self

Find Your True Self. This is what Sova Grace is trying to reach in the universal scale. Every day of my life I find this truth inside me and i want everyone to find the unique self inside themselves.

Mass media, news, people we meet, books we read – they all influence the way we think and live.

Have you ever felt that influence on you? How often do you notice that you agree with someone only because you don’t mind something at the moment. But then the circumstances change and that something already leads the way you think, judge, believe. This is what happens when we live our lives unconsciously, when we don’t live in the moment.

As I started to pause the moment and make conscious choices, the quality of my life has dramatically changed. I no longer feel that my life depends on someone or something. I can live my life choosing my present, removing all unwanted events from my life.

When you are the owner of your life, you don’t have to wait for miracles, you just live in the miracle, in the flow. You become the creator.

To achieve this state, I stop in the moment by meditating. During meditation, I realize what is important for me at the moment, what decisions to make, how to live the day, what feelings I want to choose during this particular moment.

In order to create own opinions, I read a lot of books that open different horizons and ways. I also never let mass media or peoples’ opinions influence the way I live or think. I always stop and question if it’s the expression of true me or if it’s someone’s opinion influence me. I dig deeper into situation or emotion and only after that make choices.

What is the best part of it all is that you no longer feel that something is wrong or right. You just feel that everything is balanced in this world.

For instance, in some parts of the world people cut up trees, while in another part other people plant them back. Someone kills animals, others rescue them. Someone starts wars, others teach pieceful life. And both happen at the same time, on our Earth. What choices are you making?

Be yourself. Experiment with what you can be not what someone expects you to be. This is the power of creation and exploring yourself without a fear to make a mistake. Because there is no such a thing as a mistake. There is your experience. Something that makes you – You.

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